Autumn/Fall Fashion Trends and Tips for Children

Every seasonal change brings about the excitement of getting a new wardrobe for your babies and toddlers. To this extent, markets these days offer a wide range of collections making it harder for parents to identify what is best for the child. Keeping in mind the comfort at the top of the list, other factors contribute while choosing the right clothes. These include freedom of movement, weather considerations, occasion, etc. In this article, we will cover some top tips to keep in mind, to ensure your children autumn-ready!

Autumn/Fall Fashion Trends and Tips for Children

Tips for Dressing your Kids for Autumn

Fall is typically the transition from sunshine to cold and icy winters. Consequently, it's time to say goodbye to summer wear and to say hello to warm pants, sweats, and hoodies. Here are some easy tips to keep your children warm, dry, and at the same time, stylish, and comfortable.

Dress According to the Temperature

Autumn is not uniformly cold throughout the season. The transition to cooler temperature happens over the second half of the season. Be sure to dress your child according to how warm or cool it is around you. You don’t want them to feel hot under layers of clothes, making them uncomfortable and cranky.

Experiment with New Colors

While summers are for bright shades and colorful designs, the autumn is slightly on the dark and gloomy side. Yellows, browns, oranges, blacks, and reds work very well for this season. Also, given that Halloween is around the corner, what better way to keep up the spirits than by highlighting different shades of orange. 

Pick the Right Fabric

Pack those cotton clothes away, and bring out wool, nylon, faux fur, leather, or thicker material that keeps the body warm. Most importantly, layer up your kid’s clothing with long sleeve tops, jackets, jumpers, leggings, jeans, etc. One best way to identify if the clothing works for the season depends on how easy it is to wear and take it off, without struggling or feeling uncomfortable.


This is the season to flaunt those jackets, socks, boots, winter hats, gloves, scarves, and mittens. Although as many outdoor events are cut off this year, given the ongoing novel Coronavirus, being prepared with the right clothing for a walk down the street or an evening in the park is a fun way to keep the Autumn spirits alive. Always have an extra jacket in your car, at home, and at an easily accessible place when you want to go out.

Comfort is the Key

No matter how many layers, or how thick the material is, the essential consideration is that your child is comfortable. They need to be able to move easily, without any restriction. This also ensures that they don’t injury themselves by falling or tripping.

Remember to Stay Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Identify sustainable and eco-friendly brands before investing in Autumn clothes. Many brands leave a lot of carbon footprints in producing and manufacturing clothes. Steering clear of these brands does wonders for the environment. Consequently, buying from sustainable brands will ensure the longevity of the products and is a good way to support local businesses.

Who Are We?

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