Back to School Tips for Children Amidst the Pandemic

Now that schools are opening up all over the world, be it as online classes or in-person classes, it is an exciting time for children nevertheless. Back to school means new clothes, new stationery, and new memories. To make this time special for your little ones, this article will focus on a shopping list of necessary items for children to be prepared for their new academic beginning.

Back to School Tips for Children Amidst the Pandemic

Back to School During the Pandemic Shopping List

The shopping list varies based on whether your child is taking classes from home or visiting their school. Regardless of either option, make sure you connect with their teachers to prepare a list of things they need for their academic year.

Shopping Needs for Children taking Online Classes

While most schools have supplied laptops to their students to make their move to virtual learning seamless, not all school-going children are awarded this luxury. Hence, having a dedicated laptop for their online classes is absolutely necessary and helps them stay motivated and focused.

The next on the list is shopping for clothes. Children grow rapidly until their teens. Hence, they require a regular change of wardrobe. If your kids don’t have to wear a uniform for online classes, then the ideal wear would be basic cotton t-shirts, hoodies, pants/shorts, skirts, or sweaters. The advantage of sitting in front of the screen is that they are not required to be fully dressed from head to toe. Put on comfortable clothing, so they don’t get distracted with tight or restricting clothes that affect their movement. However, before you do buy new sets of clothes, make sure you confirm with their school on any dress code restriction!

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Shopping Needs for Children Going to School in Person

If your children’s school requires them to attend in-person, your shopping list may be a little longer the above. This is to ensure that you add the essential safety kits as part of your list, so they can go out and come back home without catching the virus or spreading it to your family and friends.

The first on the list would be to get them the right clothing. If you live in warm regions or have an ongoing summer season, this list should help you be prepared. However, if you live in cooler regions, make sure to add hoodies, warm gloves, headgear to keep their head and ears warm, woolen socks, and waterproof shoes to the list. Add in a raincoat and umbrella if you live in wet regions. As mentioned above, do check in with their school for any dress code restrictions before investing in expensive wear.

Once you have their clothing in place, get them masks, hand sanitizers, and face shields if needed. Teach them about the importance of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. Teach them to wash their hands regularly or to use sanitizer if they touch any surface or other children.

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