Basic Must-Have Gadgets and Technology for New Parents

Taking the leap to bring a baby onto this world requires a lot of groundwork. Be it baby proofing your house or buying baby clothes before the arrival of new ones, the tasks can be never-ending.

Basic Must-Have Gadgets and Technology for New Parents

As the next step, we have curated a list of must-have tech gadgets to get you prepared for the journey of parenthood. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, but a starting point to prepare yourself for the first few months after the arrival of your new one.

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Best Baby Gadgets for New Parents

Below is a wide range of gadgets that benefit new parents and newborns.

Smart Baby Monitor

One of the most popular gadgets needed for parents, the baby monitor allows you to keep an eye over your little one when you are in a different room or when you are busy with work.

Given the evolution of video streaming technology, baby monitors today come with different zoom angles and streaming options. You can also get multiple monitors installed at different parts of the house where your baby is likely to spend a lot of their time. Some smart baby monitors come with an ankle sock that you can slip on your baby’s foot in the night to monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels.

Smart Thermometer

Babies can catch a cold or fever very easily. With every sneeze or cough, you cannot keep running to the ER. However, with the help of a smart thermometer, you can regularly keep track of your little one’s body temperature and get in touch with your pediatrician as required.

Smart thermometers for children come with a host of smart technology. A piece of plaster-like equipment when connected to your phone through Bluetooth, can give you reminders for medication and alert you when the temperature is high. This way you can regularly monitor your child’s health, especially at night without disturbing them every time.

Smart Lights with Motion Detection

Are you tired of looking for the light switches in the middle of the night every time your baby wakes up or cries? You can put your worry to ease with motion detection lights.

Place them at certain points between your room and the nursery. This way, you can run to the nursery as soon as you hear your kid wake up, and the lights will automatically turn on as it detects your movement. This is also useful when your baby learns to crawl and walk, as they may tender to wander in the darkness and bump into objects.

Sound Machine for Better Sleep

Recent studies have shown that babies as young as one can also have sleep disturbance or irregular sleep. While the reasons may vary, the cause of such disturbance may not be as evident to cure immediately, you can install sound machines near your baby’s crib for temporary relief. These machines produce soothing sounds that can put your kid to sleep as soon as they wake up. This can save you multiple trips to their nursery in the middle of the night.

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