Best Learning Toys for One-Year-Old Babies

Babies love toys! Right from when they learn to identify objects, they develop an interest in toys. This is mainly because most baby toys come in different styles, designs, colors, numbers, prints, and patterns that hold their interest. Given the huge demand in baby and toddler toys, many manufacturers provide toys that can aid in the development and learning right from the age one. These development skills can enhance their motor skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, cognitive development, and more. Babies need to play as this forms a critical part in their holistic development. In this regard, we recommend five learning and developmental toys for babies.

Best Learning Toys for One-Year-Old Babies

Sit to Stand Learning Walker

Ideal for babies above the age of nine months, the V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker helps children walk, that also doubles up as a fun learning toy. The Walker comes with a detachable panel with piano-like buttons that make different sounds. These buttons and functions make this toy perfect not only for teaching your children to walk on their own, but also to identify different sounds, learn the cause and effect of different buttons, shapes, and patterns. 

Activity Cubes and Play Centers

These are essential different shaped blocks that require hand-eye coordination, identification of patterns, shapes, and colors to fit pieces together. Such activity cubes are meant to boost dexterity and motor skills. Some of these play-sets also come with a teaching clock so your babies can learn to identify time from a very young age!

Magical Fishbowl

Looking to teach your baby alphabets, numbers, and different sounds? What better way to start than with this Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Fish-Bowl. This toy requires children to take out the fishes and put them back in which will then emit various sounds and lights. There are also three colorful buttons on the base which will play alphabets, numbers, and shapes. This toy is ideal for hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and dexterity. 

Walk Around Discovery Activity Center Table

A little similar to the above mentioned Learning Walker, this Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Walk Around Discovery Activity Center Table is super fun, engaging, and productive for babies over the age of six months. The four modes include a walk around center that moves 360 degrees, a discovery table with different buttons to learn shapes, sounds and patterns, an art table and a removable floor toy. Essentially created to enhance auditory and visual capabilities in children, this toy works best for overall development as well.

Fabric Books for Learning

Fabric books are the most common learning and development toys for children that help them identify different objects, colors, and patterns while also developing the habit of holding and reading a book. Typically, fabric books have different pictures (based on themes and concepts) on each page that help visual capabilities, motor functions, and creative thinking. This could be a fun way to introduce your children to the idea of picking up books at an early stage in life.

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