Expecting? Here is a Checklist of Clothes You Need to Buy Before Your New One Arrives

Global reports indicate that the world is seeing an increase in the arrival of young ones, midst of the global pandemic and lockdown. This requires parents to be better planned in terms of basic needs and given that the lockdown continues, getting access to baby products like before may be challenging. Therefore, we recommend a quick checklist of things to be prepared with before your little one enters this world.

Checklist of Clothes You Need to Buy Before Your New One Arrives

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Essential Clothes for Newborns

Here is a list of must-haves if you are expecting a newborn. Please remember to get multiple sets of clothing as babies tend to throw up or dirty their clothes frequently:

  • Onesies - Babies tend to be the most comfortable in onesies. Mainly because it holds them securely without hindering any movement.
  • T-shirts - Basic cotton t-shirts work very well for babies as well. They are light and breathable, keeping children comfortable.
  • Pajamas - One-piece pajamas are ideal for bedtime wear. It covers them fully ensuring they don’t feel cold or get hurt easily. You also get full set pajamas that cover the feet as well.
  • Socks, mittens, hats, beanies - In addition to basic clothing, babies need these accessories to feel warm and secure. Their hands, feet, ears, and head can get cold very fast attracting common cold or flu.
  • Towels - While this is not part of baby clothing accessories, you will need to stock up on different size towels to keep your baby clean at all times.
  • Long pants - Also called pajamas, work very well with basic t-shirts, keeping children airy and not tightly wrapped.
  • Baby rompers - These work like onesies but can be worn for day time wear or if you are taking your baby out for walks. They are comfortable, ensure your baby will not feel restricted.

Tips to Remember

  • As you know, babies tend to outgrow their clothes very fast. Hence, hand-me-downs work best as you can pass it down once you are done with them. This also ensures you don’t spend a lot of money on baby clothing since no amount of clothes can ever be enough.
  • Pre-plan for seasonal changes and get clothing in place accordingly. During winters, babies will need warmer onesies, warmer body gear to keep ensure the cold does not go inside, and multiple sweaters.
  • Similarly, in summers, they need to be able to breathe easily and without the sweat accumulation inside. Get basic clothing that is ideally organic cotton. Works best for the baby and the environment. Read here to know the importance of organic cotton clothing and how to wash them.

About Tiny-Tycoon

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