Child Safety in Times of COVID-19: Keeping Your Baby and the Family Protected

The world is not yet rid of the Novel Coronavirus. Counties that have fought the battle are facing the onset of a second wave. While we don’t know how long the virus is here to stay, we can take precautions and safety measures to keep ourselves safe. In the same vein, if you are new parents or have gone through childbirth during the pandemic, then the stress about keeping the baby and the mother safe can be overwhelming. However, doctors, academicians, and scientists have given us enough information on how to keep kids and toddlers safe and protected during COVID-19. Let’s see how!

Child Safety in Times of COVID-19

Keeping Toddlers Safe During Coronavirus

Wearing a mask is a must. However, for children, it is highly recommended that children below 2 do not wear a mask. This is mainly because their airway is still small and developing. Wearing a mask can easily suffocate them, and since they cannot communicate well, they will not be able to say if they are suffering from breathing issues. Moreover, kids are always playing with their hands; when they touch their face repeatedly, it can easily increase the exposure to the virus.

In light of this, here are some ways to keep your baby and your family members safe:

  • Avoid taking your toddler to crowded places.
  • Kids below two years cannot wash their hands on their own, so make sure you are on them to keep themselves clean and ensure they do not touch unwanted surfaces.
  • Keep cleaning surfaces that your kid might commonly touch. This starts with your phone, toys, tabletops, etc.
  • If your family member is sick, make sure to keep your little one away from them. While your child may not catch the virus or fall sick, they can very easily be carriers of the virus and spread it to people who are at most risk.
  • While going for walks, sanitize the walker or carrier before heading out and place a towel/blanket over. When you enter back home, put the blanket away to wash and sanitize the walker again.
  • Reduce doctor visits as much as possible. Most doctors are switching to virtual consulting or telephonic conversations. Unless it is absolutely necessary, schedule medical advice on call.
  • Be prepared always. Conduct a need assessment of everything your child needs when at home, when going for a walk, when going outside, etc. Keep everything required ready and regularly maintain them. This also includes medication, toys, food, protection, etc.
  • A routine vaccine is vital to keep your little one safe from illness.
  • Finally, if the mom contracts Coronavirus, do not panic. If you are still breastfeeding, doctors have pointed out that it is safe for infected mothers to feed their kids as the virus is not found in breast milk. However, it is also recommended that you wash your hands well before feeding, use gloves/mask as much possible, and clean your baby with disinfectant once you feed to avoid the spread within your house.

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