Confidence Comes From Within, Cool Clothes Just Help!

When I was eight years old, I became a target in my school. Every day at lunch, kids would circle me, poke me with sticks and call me a freak. This happened for years, shattered my confidence, and ignited my empathy for others.

The wounds from my childhood eventually healed but the scars remain part of my story. That sad and scared little girl lives within the confident and independent woman I am today. Now that I am a mother, I want nothing more than to shield my daughter from any kind of pain.

As hard as we try to protect our kids, the sad reality is that most of them will experience bullying at one point or another. And, as parents, we know that when our kid hurts, we hurt even more.

There is a fine line between friendly teasing and harmful bullying. Not only can this behavior leave long-lasting imprints on your child, but it can also do serious damage to their confidence.

Bullying can exist in many forms: It can be physical, verbal, psychological, and emotional.

And, in today's generation, there is the added stress of cyberbullying for us to worry about.

Tiny Tycoon is more than a clothing brand, it is a concept developed to help instill confidence within all of your children.

We believe that the better a child feels about themselves, the less likely bullying will affect their self-esteem.

We can't stop how others behave but we can help our children be resilient to negative behaviors that they will come across throughout their lifetime.

We want each child to feel empowered. Our goal is to allow children to gain self-assurance through our unique threads.

This brand is designed with every child in mind. We dream of helping each individual who wears our clothes to reach for the sky and shine like the stars.

Always remember to tell your child about all the unique qualities you love about them, reinforce positive behavior, show them a lot of love and support, and of course, have them dress in the absolute best!

~Written by Katina Goulakas

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