DIY Halloween Decorations and Costumes Tips for a Safe Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, many of us are still unsure how to make this a memorable day while keeping our children and family safe. Although going around trick or treating is not an ideal option, as the novel Coronavirus continues to spread, Halloween can be made fun, with some out of the box thinking and unique ideas. For this purpose, we highlight some fun DIY projects you can take up this Halloween that is super affordable and a good way to spend days leading up to October 31st with your family.

DIY Halloween Decorations Tips


Read here for some tips for safely celebrating Halloween this year!

Fun and Easy Halloween Decorations and Costume Ideas

Spook Up Your House

While having friends and family over for Halloween may not be advised this year, you can get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your house, front porch, or even just the backyard. It can be as simple as placing a few lights and lanterns around a few carved pumpkins. Or, if you are feeling up to it, you can go all out with spiders and cobwebs in the corners, a witch with a bucket of green slimy stuff sitting on one side, cover your pots and boxes with white gauze with spooky eyes, paint pumpkins in different colors to transform them into black cats or bats, or even cut out skeletons from a thick paper and stick it on your windows and doors. If you have a big garage door, stick spooky stickers on them as well! Just these small changes will transform your place to bring you into the Halloween spirit.

Prepare a Halloween Menu

Prepare spooky-themed food right from breakfast to dinner. Pinterest is your treasure chest to find ideas and inspiration. Right from ghostly pizzas, chicken pot pie with a hand crawling out, various pumpkin dishes, spider-shaped bread with dips, bite-sized pastries that look like eyes or broken body parts, pies that look like mummies with spooky peas green eyes, different spooky colored smoothies made from fruits and berries, eggs that look like devil’s eye, or even ice cubs that are frozen in different spades and colors to look like ghosts; DIY Halloween food is easiest to make that can also be super fun to eat. Plate these on your kitchen countertop or the living space to create your own in-house buffet.

Prepare Your Own Costume

DIY costumes offer a touch of uniqueness and you can easily customize it as per your likes and dislikes. It is easy to get cloth material online to stitch up your own costume. Or you can get creative with the clothes you have lying around your closet that have never seen the light of the day. From making as simple costumes like a spooky avocado, a brunt killer egg, scary bats, or even a crazy farmer, preparing your own costume may sound time-consuming but it can be super fun and can get you right into the spirit of spookiness.

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