Dressing Toddlers for Bed: What to Remember

Dressing Toddlers for Bed: What To Remember

Picking the right outfit for your toddler can prove to be quite the task with the number of choices available. Children, from when they are infants, require a frequent change in clothing based on the activity and comfort. Be it for playing, eating or going to bed - each occasion calls for specific clothing to ensure children are comfortable and happy in their clothes.

In light of this, we focus on how to dress toddlers for bed; as the ideal outfit for bed must be both safe, easy to move in and comfortable. Most often, suffocation and restricted movement are common issues a toddler can face while asleep. This can result in them waking up multiple times crying in discomfort. Therefore, to help you better understand and pick the ideal clothes for your toddler’s bedtime, here are some factors to remember.

Factors for Dressing Toddlers at Bedtime


Newborns can be dressed in onesies and ensure the room has good ventilation. According to a study by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, using a fan reduces the risk of SIDS by 72%. You can then graduate to a sleep sack once the baby is a little older. An older toddler could be dressed in pajamas.


Another key factor that decides your toddler’s clothes for bedtime is temperature - both body and room temperature. Overwhelmed parents worried about the toddler feeling cold can sometimes dress them too warmly. Understand the toddler’s comfort along with the room temperature where the toddler sleeps. Much like adults, babies and toddlers sleep better in cooler temperatures and are less prone to nightmares.


Consider layering your toddler’s clothes in bed. If there is a change in temperature, you can effortlessly alter the level of layering without having to disturb or wake up the kid. Avoid a blanket until your toddler can learn to hold on to the blanket through the night. A younger baby might just move it away, or it might suffocate the kid. Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against loose blankets for safety reasons.

Avoid Headwear

Just like adults, toddler’s body temperature cools down when they sleep. The heat is released from their faces and heads. Hence, it is imperative to keep the head uncovered otherwise the toddler will feel too hot. Hats and beanies are also choking hazards in bed.


Pick out clothes that have breathable fabric to ensure toddlers don’t sweat through the night. It is essential to allow babies and toddlers to remain comfortable as their bodies cool down. Toddles above the age of two might feel comfortable in basic cotton tees while sleeping.

Bonus Tips

In addition to the above factors,

  • Ensure the sleep environment is ideal as well.
  • Always make sure your kid sleeps straight on its back.
  • Check-in regularly to make sure the toddler has not rolled over.
  • Do your research on SIDS and accordingly prepare to reduce all risks.
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