Embracing Online Schooling: Tips for Parents to Cope with Distant Education

The global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus has kept kids at home, forcing them to switch to online schooling through Zoom and video conferencing. While children at higher classes might be able to cope with the switch easily, kids in elementary and middle school need the help of their parents to manage homework, understand the lessons, and complete assignments.

Embracing Online Schooling

For parents who are also forced to work from home, taking on the responsibility of their kid’s education can be overwhelming. Therefore, we offer a few tips for parents to cope with online schooling in the wake of COVID-19.

Tips for Parents of Children Doing Online Schooling

The key to being successful at managing your work and your kid’s online education is trying out a bunch of techniques that work best for both of you. This might not happen easily but it will definitely help bring your family together, closer during the lockdown.

Create a Work/School Schedule

We have previously highlighted the importance of creating a daily routine for children. As part of this, plan the hours of your kid’s online classes/study sessions and of your work in such a way they do not overlap or clash for long hours. The ideal situation would be to work when your kids are sleeping, playing or done with online classes to ensure you are undisturbed while working. This also ensures you are available for them when they need your help.

Acknowledge that Online Classes are Different from Regular Classes

It is super essential to lay out your expectations of the shift to online classes. Embrace the fact that online classes won’t have the same impact on your child as regular classes but that is alright. By acknowledging and embracing the change, you are creating a space for creative and practical learning at home. Furthermore, you can check out different games, videos, and activities to keep your children engaged and to make learning fun.

Keep a Regular Check-In with Their Teachers/School Staff

Schools are also coping with the shift to online coaching. Speak with your kid’s teacher to understand their needs and expectations. This will allow you to plan your day and week better, in such a way where you are present when your child needs you the most. It is also good to check in on your kid’s progress with their teachers to assess if they need additional coaching or if they are unable to cope with online classes.

Support and Encourage Your Children

If your kid is struggling with classes, do not shout at them or make them feel bad about lagging behind with assignments. Try to understand their challenges and difficulties so you can address them before they manifest into bigger issues. Above all, let them know you are there for them at all times if they need any help.

Incorporate Physical Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - this phrase highlights the importance of physical activity every day. As part of creating a daily schedule, endure your kids have some time to play, run around, and be physically active. This not only keeps them energized, but it also helps with the holistic development of the body and the mind.

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