Halloween Gift Ideas for Children

Children look forward to the month of October, given all the fun around Halloween planning and eating all the pumpkin pies. However, as we continue to live with COVID-19, trick or treating this year cannot be the same as every other year. The CDC and WHO have recommended that going door to door can be dangerous and spending a lot of time outdoors can increase the risk of contracting the virus. Consequently, Halloween becomes an in-house celebration but that does not mean that one cannot have any fun! In this article, we will cover some gift ideas for children to give either before or during Halloween to keep their spooky spirits alive.

Halloween Gift Ideas for Children

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Halloween Gifts for Children

One ideal way to make this Halloween special is by spending time with your family, as a whole, doing some fun activities, and exchanging gifts. Not all gifts can be high on sugar, so here are some out of the box gift ideas for children, this Halloween!

Halloween Themed Coloring Book

What better way to spend this Halloween at home than by the fire, sipping on pumpkin spice latte with your kids, coloring some spooky-themed coloring book. Easily available online, on Amazon, you can pick up age-appropriate coloring books and coloring sets. There are many adult coloring books, too, if you want to jump in and spend some coloring time with your little ones! Alternatively, you could also gift them paint by stickers book that is high on demand this season.

Halloween Themed Board Games

Board games and trivia nights are a fun way to keep your children, occupied and have fun together as a family. For this Halloween, pick up some games like Hocus Pocus, Horror Trivia Card, Kids Against Maturity, I Should Have Known That, Escape Room in a Box, Kids Create Absurdity, Find and Seek Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids or Pick Your Poison Card Game. While these are just merely popular suggestions that are available online, you can also create your own DIY Halloween game with your kids.

Halloween Costumes

Has your little one been asking to dress up as their favorite character but never had the chance before? Take this opportunity to either make them their favorite costume or buy it from the stores. This could be an ideal gift to let your kids know that Halloween is not canceled due to the pandemic. Pinterest has a ton of quick videos for making DIY easy costumes and decorations where you can get inspiration from.

Halloween Candies

Treat your kids with a variety of Halloween candies that they could otherwise get had they been able to go door to door trick or treating. Since this is not advisable this year, hiding away stashes of candies around the house and asking your children to go on a treasure hunt can be a good gifting idea, plus a fun way to spend the day.

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