Ideas and Gifts for Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday in Lockdown

Given that the global pandemic began over two to three months ago across most parts of the world, a lot of children are forced to celebrate their birthdays in lockdown, away from their friends and family. While babies below the age of six may not miss out on much celebrating their birthday indoor, it is not the same for school-going children.

Children Gift Ideas in Lockdown

However, this does not mean your child cannot have a memorable day. Here are some top gift ideas that can lift their spirits and make their day special.

Top DIY Lockdown Birthday Ideas for Children

Homemade Cake

Make this a fun group activity to bake a cake of your child’s preference. Since not everyone has the option of ordering a cake from a nearby store during the pandemic, you can look up a fun cake recipe and work it together as a family. If you just have a microwave oven, you could consider baking mug cakes with colorful sprinkles as well.

Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Zoom is the new normal, be it for attending classes, work meetings, or special occasion parties. Additionally, various platforms allow for playing multiplayer online games. You could set up a zoom date with your child’s friends and organize a game day as a surprise.

Family Dress Up Party

Celebrating birthdays in lockdown can be made super fun by organizing a family dress-up party. You can dress up as a family like The Simpsons, Adam’s Family, Power Rangers, etc., or you can surprise each other with your own choice of costume. Pair this with a virtual birthday party, a homemade cake and a few gifts, your kid will remember this birthday forever! 

Treasure Hunt

Organize a treasure hunt in the house. With every hint they get through, you can reveal one surprise. Kids love playing treasure hunt and if they are hunting down for their gifts, it will be a double bonus!

Top Lockdown Birthday Gifts to Order Online for Children

Art Kit or Painting Set

Children love to draw and paint. If your child does not, you can use this as an opportunity to cultivate the idea of being creative in some form. This can also be a form of stress relief for children or an outlet as they are also cooped up at home.


Puzzles have gained significant popularity across all ages during this global pandemic. We see people indulging in different types of puzzles. Working a puzzle is not only a fun activity, but also helps with the mental development of children. Online stores are a host to different puzzles. You could also make a day out of baking cake and assembling a puzzle for your little one’s birthday.

Customized Gift Box

Based on the age of your child, you can buy as many small (or large) gifts that reflect your child’s most favorite characters/icons or something they have been asking for a long time. For example, if your child is eight, organize a gift box with eight of your child’s most favorite things to make their birthday extra special.

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