Importance of Daily Routine in Childhood

Importance of Daily Routine in Childhood

Raising and nurturing children below the age of six-seven requires extra care, love, and at the same time, consistency. Child psychologists believe that inculcating a daily family routine with your child will instill a sense of safe place around them. This, in turn, puts them on a path to develop the right habits as they grow. In this article, we will focus on the importance of developing and maintaining daily routines for kids and the impact on their growth and development.

Benefits of Daily Routine for Kids

Much like adults, children shine with healthy routines in place. As adults, we have multiple routines in a day - be it morning routine, bedtime routine, or work routine. Research also suggests that routines provide set rhythm for the day with adequate time for resting, playing, nutrition, and attention. In light of this, we take a deep dive into the benefits of a daily routine for children.

Familiarity and Predictability Creates a Safe Space

The growing years for children, as they learn to perceive the world around them can create an “epidemic of anxiety”, as some psychologists put it, with the ongoing changes. To balance this, creating a healthy daily routine ensures familiarity and predictability needed for children to feel safe, in order to thrive. This is why schools, too, from the very first day, teach children to maintain a time-table and schedule of things.

Routine Teaches Kids to Take Charge of Their Action and Creates Boundaries

When children are told to play for a given time, and study for the given time, it helps create boundaries to their day. This can further boost creativity and as a result, children will respect these boundaries lifelong. Moreover, failure to stick to a routine teaches children the concept of consequence. For example, if your kid doesn’t complete his/her homework, teach them that their study time will spill into playtime.

However, if your children struggle to maintain their routine, work with them and let them know you are always there to support, in the event they need any. As a result, children will be encouraged and motivated to take charge.

Routine Gives Independence and Helps Build Good Habit

More specifically, mealtime routine and sleep time routine are essential to the development of good habits from a very young age. Developing new habits as adults can be quite tiresome, but on the other hand, introducing these habits from a meager age will build it into the daily routine. Psychologists also believe that pairing new habits with existing family routines can be effortless and will create the right path for children to develop well.

Remember to Keep it Simple

As important it is for children to learn new habits, they cannot be overwhelmed to undertake them. Ease the habit slowly into their routine without scaring them into thinking of it as a boring task. And remember, children cannot multitask. Keeping this in mind, do not frequently change the routine. Make it stick until they do it on their own before introducing something new. 

Finally, Routine Brings the Family Together

To say the least, a healthy family routine tells a child what they can expect from the family and what they cannot. They know to spend time with the family and work closely with the family, by doing important things together. For example, eating together, cleaning out the dinner table together or watching TV together.

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