Kid’s Clothing: Washing Tips for Organic Cotton


Kid’s Clothing: Washing Tips for Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is amongst the most preferred fabrics for kids by young parents. Given the degree of harmful and toxic chemicals used in synthetic fabrics and plain cotton, parents prefer the more natural, safer, comfortable, and eco-friendly option. Apart from these obvious benefits, organic cotton offers a host of other reasons to make it the ideal fabric for kid’s clothing. Read more about the benefits of organic cotton in children’s clothing.

There is no denying that kids constantly create a mess. This, in turn, results in an ever-growing laundry bundle. Washing the soft fabric with chemicals repeatedly might be a concern to many. With having to continually clean up after their mess, here are a few tips that might come in handy the next time you need to wash the organic cotton outfits.

Wash Tips for Organic Cotton Kid’s Clothing

Check the Label

Brands often specify instructions on their label that is best suited for the particular fabric. Common instructions include - ‘hand washes only’, ‘first wash dry clean’, etc. This is a good place to start. So, follow these instructions to ensure the best results.

Separate the Colors

We understand how much you love the adorable colorful clothes you bought for your kid. It is always advised to wash light-colored clothes separately from the darker tones in the initial washes. This avoids the bleeding dark colors on the light color clothes.

Mild Detergent

The baby’s delicate skin and the soft fabric are two critical reasons for mild detergent.  Avoid harsh detergents, fabric softeners, stain guards, and bleach. These laundry products could prove harmful to the child’s skin aren’t eco-friendly. If there are tough stains, consider using an eco-friendly stain remover.

Wash Temperature & method

Make sure the water is under 30 degrees to avoid the risk of felting or shrinkage. Ideally, gently hand wash the clothes. Wash the clothes inside out to extend the life of prints, designs, etc. But, if the label suggests machine washing, ensure the washing machine is clean and contains no traces of harmful detergents. Don’t overload the machine and use the appropriate amount of mild detergent. Most importantly, wash your kid’s clothes on ‘delicate mode’ and do not mix with adult clothes.


Ideally, air dry organic cotton on a clothesline or drying rack. If you absolutely have to tumble-dry, then do it at the lowest setting available. Overheated drying can cause shrinkage. If there are wrinkles, you can iron them out with low to medium temperature.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can further extend the life of your kid’s favorite outfits.

We at Tiny Tycoon request you to use eco-friendly products while washing and to consider the environmental impact. To read more tips about kid’s clothing, click here.

At Tiny Tycoon, we pride ourselves with our dedicated commitment toward quality and eco-friendly approaches. As a result, all the outfits in our extensive line up are made from the highest quality (certified) organic cotton. In addition, we direct equal attention toward kid’s safety, comfort and styling. Tiny Tycoon is the ideal one-stop solution for a new line of fashionable kid’s clothing.

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