Living with Kids During Coronavirus

With almost five million cases worldwide, the novel Coronavirus continues to spread, forcing people to change the way we live. While a fewer number of children fall prey to the virus, the CDC suggests that children can transmit the virus to adults and people with existing precondition who are at a higher risk. In light of this, we recommend these measures to care for your children during the time of COVID-19.

Living with Kids During Coronavirus

Protective Measures

To avoid the spread of the virus, teach your children to do the same as you:

  • Wash hands regularly using soap or sanitizer;
  • Stay away from people who are sick;
  • Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from others.

Tips to Care for Children in Lockdown

Keep an eye out for symptoms and signs

Watch for any symptoms of illness that align with the symptoms of COVID-19. More particularly, cough, fever, or shortness of breath. If your child shows symptoms, keep them away from others, and call your doctor immediately for the next best steps. Most importantly, do not self-medicate without the knowledge of your pediatric.

Clean every surface

Children tend to get dirty a lot faster, keeping this in mind, clean and disinfect all surfaces your children touch often. Wash clothes and plush toys (based on the washing instruction) regularly in warm water. Above all, avoid washing the clothes of a sick person with the kid’s clothing (if you have anyone suffering for any form of illness at home).

Kids can get stressed and anxious

Children also tend to get stressed and anxious in lockdown. Therefore, watch for signs of sadness, difficulty in concentration, improper eating, or unhealthy sleeping. Talk to your children about the virus. Answer any question they might have without evidently worrying or panicking. However, remember to give your children age-appropriate but truthful information. This also requires you to stay updated with the correct information. Always get your news from a trusted source like the CDC, WHO or your local government.

Keep them active

Keep the spirits up at home. By engaging in indoor and outdoor activities for/with your children, you can keep them cheerful and active. School going children are used to playing at school or playing with friends. As a result, staying at home during lockdown can get challenging for both, you and your children. While online classes keep them engaged, set up online play dates with their friends, or take them for a walk while maintaining social distance once a week.

Here’s a fun tip -- The UN World Food Programme developed an app called Freerice. An online educational trivia game that has a Coronavirus category. This helps children learn about the pandemic in a fun and non-threatening way and empower them with knowledge.

Cultivate a healthy daily routine

Children function better when they know what to expect from a situation. By creating a daily routine, you build rhythm and continuity in their schedule. This, in turn, will help them cope with the lockdown and get on with life.

You can also read about the importance of building a daily routine and tips to build a healthy sleep routine here.

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