Pandemic Halloween: Tips to Safely Celebrate during COVID-19

Living in this pandemic world, we have learned to adopt new ways of living. Unfortunately, this extends to the way we and our children celebrate Halloween as well. Recently, the CDC came out with guidelines on ensuring safety during Halloween. We need to rethink new ways of trick or treating, as spending prolonged time with friends and family outside could pose an immense risk to everyone! More specifically, the CDC warns that in areas of ongoing community spread, stepping out for trick or treat is not a wise idea. In light of this, we offer some fun tips and ideas to celebrate a safe Halloween this year!

Pandemic Halloween: Tips to Safely Celebrate during COVID-19

Tips for Celebrating Halloween during Coronavirus

Since going door-to-door trick or treating is nor ideal, here are some possible fun alternatives to enjoy Halloween without compromising on the holiday spirit.

  • Have a back lawn? Set up fun activities for your children in your backyard and decorate it with the theme of your choice. It could be that you have a pumpkin carving event, and have a small treasure hunt to keep your children busy. Be sure to not overcrowd your backyard with many family members and friends, as CDC warns that an indoor event as such could be more harmful than going door to door.
  • DIY Halloween special at home with food and decoration. Look up some fun ideas online and you can replicate them at home. Involve your children in arts and crafts needed to make your space scary for the day. You can also make fun food and snacks by preparing a Halloween themed menu for the day.
  • Virtual Halloween party! This year proved more than ever that we need technology to aid our lives. From birthdays to anniversaries to work calls, a virtual meet has been the way to go. Get your family and friends to dress up in their respective homes and jump on a Zoom call for a night of fun, food, candies, and games!
  • Movie marathons. If your Halloween spirit is not living up to its name, you can plan a low-key celebration with Halloween movies and food to spend time with your family, right from your living room.
  • If you have been handing out candies every year and are wondering if it is safe to do so this year, doctors suggest that keeping a bowl is a better way to go than distributing candies by hand. Alternatively, if you are willing to go the extra mile, you can also make small packages with candies and leave these goody bags on your porch for children to take without knocking on your door and without putting them at risk as well.

Talk to your children about Coronavirus and its impacts. Teach them safety tips. The more they are aware of the problem at hand, the more they learn to keep themselves safe. If your kids have received candies from friends and family, you don’t have to disinfect each candy separately. The virus stays on the surface for 72 hours or less. So one way to go about it is to keep those candies away for three days or so, and then consume it as time lapses.

Here are some tips to keep your children safe if they are going out!

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