Some Best Ways to Prepare for the First day of Online School Midst the Pandemic

Going back to school in 2020 is unlike any other year, a first-time experience for both, the parents and the children. Nevertheless, it warrants a celebration to make the first day of school special. 

Tips for Making First Day of Online Schools Special

While there are many safety and other precautionary measures we need to keep in mind to ensure children are safe in the pandemic, we have some ideas on how you can make the first day of your child’s new academic year memorable and fun!  Moreover, after many months of lockdown, children, too, are looking forward to getting back to their routine life. Therefore, starting their first school filled with fun and celebration is a good way to keep them motivated, regardless of what is happening around them!

Fun and Motivating ways to Celebrate the First Day of School 

Create a Work Station

Setting up a separate space for your children to take their online classes and do their homework, will help them get more excited about what’s to come. The idea is that the children should feel like the work station is their creative space to study and by getting out of that space by the end of the day, they feel like they are out of school. 

Get them new supplied to keep the spirit alive

Countdown to School

You can do a countdown for a week or two before school starts. It could either be like a tear-off date slip or just crossing the date on your wall calendar. This countdown can help children be mentally prepared for school, and transition from months of break time into developing a proper routine. 

Make a Photo Collage

Take multiple photos of their days leading up to back to school, and of their first day, to document every precious moment. Ask your children’s friends to do the same, and put up a photo collage close to their study space to feel closer to their friends. 

Make a Decorative Chart

If you are willing to go the extra creative mile, you can prepare a chart saying, for instance, “Welcome to the II grade” and hang it above their work station! You could also write some encouraging messages and motivational text on them, so they can always feel inspired. 

Switch to School Breakfast

Once school starts, give them breakfast that they associate with school time. It could be breakfast waffles, pancakes, or anything that your kid would normally eat before they go to school in a typical school year. This way they are stomach full before sitting for virtual learning and feel more into the “school routine” despite not going to school. 

Celebrate with Special Dinner

Once your kid finishes their first day of school, celebrate with your family by preparing a special dinner. Keep telling them how proud you are, and how they can get through this unusual school year despite evident challenges. Your small words of encouragement and good food can always do the trick!

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