Summer Outfits and Trends: What Your Child Needs to Get Through the Blazing Summer

As summer inches closer towards us, there are steps we can take to beat the heat. For children, especially, summer typically means summer vacation and going out to play. However, with summers getting hotter every year, children can get easily affected by sunburns, dehydration, excessive sweating, etc. Therefore, we recommend some summer outfits and trends so your children can sweat it out without any discomfort, while at the same time, enjoy their summer spirit.

Summer Outfits for Kids

Read about tips for styling children here.

Tips for Picking Summer Outfits for Children

The key is for children to be comfortable, without feeling stuffy in their clothes. To read more on tips for dressing a toddler, click here.

In light of this, here are top things to remember while picking summer outfits for children:

  • Pick the right material. Cotton, more specifically, organic cotton, works best for summer. They are super light and breathable. Cotton also absorbs sweat easily and hence, your children won’t feel restricted in their clothes
  • Don’t dress them in hoodies, jeans, jumpers for summers. They trap the heat inside, making it difficult for children to breathe. Instead, pick basic cotton t-shirts, shorts (or skirts for girls), tank tops, etc. Minimize the layers to keep it simple and clean.
  • Hats, caps, and head scarfs are definitely in! This can help block sunlight on their face to keep their head cool.
  • Have different sets of clothes for different parts of the day or for different activities. For example, playtime clothes are not ideal for bedtime, so getting the right bedtime clothes is essential in keeping your kids safe at night. Read about dressing your kids to bed here.
  • Through all these steps, keep your child involved in their clothing choice. Children who learn to dress themselves from a very young age are more independent and expressive of themselves compared to those who don’t. Above all, self-dressing can also aid in various developmental aspects of kids.
  • Footwear matters too! Pack up those heavy shoes and closed slippers that can retain sweat inside. Kids like to run around and play during summers, so get them easy slip-on or strap-on footwear that can make their feet breathe easily as well.

Most important of all, never forget sunblock. Kid’s skin generally tends to be soft and sensitive, and can also be easily affected by long exposure to heat or the sun. Get a sunblock with higher SPF. Teach them to apply to easily accessible areas, so they build the habit early in life.

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