The Best Essential Oils for Babies: Usage and Benefits

Essential oils have been in use for centuries now. Different plants, flowers, and herbs have various medicinal and healing properties in them that work for different aspects of growth and development. Right from treating injuries, addressing sleeping problems, or managing anxiety, essential oils work their magic. But do remember, essential oils are not an alternative to professional medication. It is a mere supplement in our daily lives to give the extra touch for wholesome growth.

Best Essential Oils for Babies

Given its natural components and ingredients, essential oils work well for babies too. Here are top essential oils for babies and their uses.

Things to Remember While Using Essential Oils for Babies

Before we recommend our list, it is critical that you do your research about the essential oils you buy. Talk to your doctor before regularly using essential oils for your children.

Let us look at some top risks:

  • Some brands mix alcohol or synthetic substance which hinders the effect of the oils. Moreover, these are bad for young children and hence prohibited. Buy from trusted brands and check for reviews before making the final call.
  • Essential oils work differently for people, therefore, posing a chance to cause allergy. Try sampling the product to be completely sure. Do a patch test on a particular area to see if it has any side effects.
  • Most important of all, essential oils are not to be consumed as they have high concentration of bio essence that is not good for internal consumption. That said, keep it away from the reach of children and ensure only you administer it when needed.

Beginners List for Using Essential Oils for Babies

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile is commonly used by adults to get rid of sleep disturbance and insomnia. This works well in children as well. A lot of children, including newborn babies, can suffer from different forms of sleep disturbance. A few drops to a warm water bath before bed can ensure your baby does not get disturbed easily at night. This is because chamomile has soothing agents that can naturally induce sleep.

Citrus Oils

More specifically, lemon essence, have mood-boosting qualities that can elevate your baby’s energy. Most essential oils have calming properties that help relax. On the other hand, citrus oils will wake you up and keep your mood happy. Given its strong fragrance, lemon essential oils work best with diffusers.

Lavender Oil

The most popular of them all, lavender has a couple of benefits for babies. Firstly, lavender is a natural sleep boosting agent as it can easily calm the nerves and relax the muscles. Additionally, studies have shown that lavender oil can be a pain reliever for babies. Massaging your baby with lavender oil will soothe their body and the mind. Alternatively, the diffuser works well too. You can also mix chamomile and lavender to enhance their effects.

Eucalyptus Oil

Best for relieving respiratory congestion, cold, or flu, eucalyptus oil is a must if your child is prone to falling sick often or if you stay in colder regions. Eucalyptus oils have multiple types but doctors recommend using eucalyptus radiata for children below two and eucalyptus globulus for adults. You can add a few drops during steam inhalation, apply on certain pressure points, or mix it with warm water for bath, for best results.

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