Tips for Dressing A Toddler

Tips for Dressing A Toddler

New parents face a lot of challenges and are required to learn smart ways to go about things. One such is getting your toddler properly dressed, so they are comfortable, can move easily, while at the same time, look stylish. While some parents find it extremely demanding to keep dressing their toddlers, some parents can do it in a jiffy. Every time your child throws up on the clothes or rolls in dirt or spills food, it requires another set of changes. Therefore, to make your life easier, we have some tips for you.

Pick the Material as Per the Season - Comfort is Priority

While cotton is best during summers, they work well around the year. Cotton clothes are soft and breathable, reducing the chances of overheating from inside. Moreover, cotton minimizes the chances of rashes and allergies, by preventing irritation and thereby helps cool the skin. Above all, cotton clothes for toddlers come in different styles, designs, and colors, making it fun for the toddlers to wear.

Don’t Get Tight Fitting Clothes - Movement is Essential

Children tend to get irritated with their clothing when it restricts their movement. To avoid this, get relatively loser fitting clothes in order to give enough breathing space between the legs and under the arms. Think of how comfortable you are in casual clothing and replicate that with your toddlers. Preferably for boys, cotton onesies or pullovers should do the trick, and for girls, sleeveless dresses or tees.

You can also do a test by bending and twisting the clothes to ensure they are soft and stretchy. It is even more important to buy clothes that can go on and off easily. This also stands testament to how free the movement from inside can be. 

Easy Slip-on Sandals Work the Best - Basics Work the Best

Toddlers have soft and tender feet that require adequate support for them to walk and play around. Moreover, toddlers tend to lose just one of the pairs very easily. You do not want to get fancy slippers only to lose one of the pairs.

Avoid getting footwear with lace and buckles for the first few years. Slip-on sandals work the best as they are effortless to put on and at the same time come with soft padding on the sole to keep the feet protected. To make things interesting, get matching pairs to the clothes, or with lights and sound coming out from them as they walk. This can encourage your little ones to wear them with joy.

Understand Your Child’s Needs - Listen Closely to Their Preference

Parents usually tend to buy clothing of their preference and that can overshadow the needs of the little one. Plan clothing based on occasion and comfort. If you are dressing your child to play, ensure the clothes can hold the wear and tear of playing in the mud. Most importantly, remember that children can dirty their clothes in no time. To avoid frequent changes, get darker color clothes that can later wash away the stains easily.

Children also tend to know what kind of clothes work for them or not. Listen to what they have to say closely to incorporate their needs.

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