Tips for Making Your Baby's First Birthday Special, When in Lockdown

Celebrating birthdays in 2020 has seen a shift, no matter how old you are. The novel coronavirus has changed the way we do regular things. Children, especially, feel left out and isolated as they are forced to stay indoors. However, this is not the case for babies celebrating their first birthday. As they are not aware of what is happening around them, lockdown or no makes not much of a difference.

Tips for Making Your Baby's First Birthday Special, When in Lockdown

For the parents, however, the story goes differently. Typically, first birthdays are for parents to celebrate their little one, but also a chance for themselves to get innovative and enjoy the day, taking time off their usual busy schedule. But, given that a big party is not advisable, we have a few tips in hand to ensure the big day lives up to its name.

First Birthday Ideas for Kids in Lockdown

A Drive Through Party

You might have seen this on Instagram or Facebook as innovative videos of families celebrating birthdays went viral. This simple idea is not complex and you can easily do it too!

Get your family and friends to decorate their cars with balloons and birthday banners, and to slowly drive through your house while singing happy birthday for your little one. This way, your family is together, while also maintaining social distancing and keeping everyone safe!

Dress Up Party at Home

Kids at the age of one are fascinated by various cartoon characters. You could dress up as your kid’s favorite character and put on a small play/skit for them. If you are willing to go all out, you could also dress up your child and have a small costume fashion parade in your backyard. This is a good way for your family to come together and spend some quality time.

Birthday Video

This is a fun idea that you can create when your kid is one, and yet, they can cherish it for life. That said, coordinating and making a video is time-consuming, so do not plan this at the last minute. At least a week before, reach out to the people you want in the video. You could also stick to a theme or ask everyone to share a fun memory or create a birthday song/tune if you are willing to do some creative editing.

If you want to take this a step further, you can also compile photos and videos from your very first ultrasound to the day of the birthday celebration to take a trip down the long memory lane.

Cake to Eat and Smash

Kids love cake, no matter how young they are. Bake a nice cake for your little one and let them have a go at it. Some kids love playing with their cake, smashing it around, and stuffing it on their face. While it can get messy, if your kid is having fun at the end of the day, nothing else should matter. 

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