Tips on Creating a Beautiful Nursery

Designing and decorating a nursery is not a simple task, however, it can be made super fun with the right planning. A nursery is a place your little one will spend a lot of their time. Therefore, taking that extra care to give them the best view also helps them with their growth and development. So, here are some tips you can keep in mind if you are preparing to design a nursery for your baby, or if you simply just want to upgrade their current one!

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Nursery

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Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Nursery

A creative nursery space helps stimulates the child’s creativity and thereby aids in boosting different cognitive growth.

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Identify a Neutral Theme

The first step in setting up a nursery is in making a checklist of things. For first-time parents, the internet is a host to multiple such checklists. But, make sure to start off with just the most essential and necessary items. Once your list is done, pick a theme. However, remember to keep it neutral, for you need to keep space to re-decorate as your child’s preferences evolve. You can also play around with different shades with a neutral theme, and experiment with contrasting colors.

Decorate the Wall with Pictures

One easy, cost-effective way to do up the walls of a nursery is by filling it up with family pictures, birds, animals, cartoons, or objects. However, remember to design the layout before just filling up every small space on the wall. A crowded wall design can also be confusing to the baby. Simple and colorful is the key. This can help with boosting the understanding of the surroundings and learning new things as a baby.

Most importantly, ensure the bedroom space is calming and not anxiety-inducing. Babies as young as one can develop irregularity in sleep for various reasons. You don’t want the nursery decoration to be a cause!

Resourcefulness is Key

Do not crowd the room with too much furniture. A baby crib, a draw set, a single couch, and a changing wagon are the most essential. A lot of smart gadgets are now available to keep a watchful eye on your baby round the clock. That said, keep away any furniture that doesn’t stick to the wall or the floor. Once your baby starts crawling and walk, it becomes a safety hazard. In the same vein, ensure no wiring is running around the floor or hanging for the child to pull. You can also research on creative storage spaces that do not take up much space in the room.

Ensure there is Natural Light

While simplicity is the focus, natural light makes your work of decorating easy. Natural sunlight is not only required for the child to grow healthily but can also reduce lighting fixtures and ventilation fixtures in the space. However, remember to never place the crib set or the change wagon near the window, where the child might have easy access to climb out.

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