Tips on Kids Lifestyle: Teaching Children Right from Wrong

Children, right from the age of one, learn to pick up things from around them. This also includes their understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong. Although children may not be able to point out why a certain thing is right or wrong, research from Yale University shows that children have a moral foundation right from when they are born. And this helps them better understand the nuances of right and wrong as they grow old. However, for them to develop the right perspective of what’s right and wrong, parents and care takers play a very influential role. Children follow the footsteps of the parents, and this includes their perception of morality. In light of this, we recommend tips for parents to teach children what’s right from wrong from a very early age.

Teaching Children Right from Wrong

What Can Parents Do to Teach Children Discipline?

Your Relationship with Your Child Shapes Their Perspective

The way you are with your child will determine how they build good character. Build a space for nurturing, caring, loving, and safe relationship which allows them to express themselves, while at the same time, making room for development. Part of learning to identify right from wrong comes from building a good character trait, right from year one.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Talk to your children about your life and different situations you have been in. Remember to keep this exercise age-appropriate and give them context to the best of their understanding capacity. Walking through your life journey and the decisions you have made along the way is the best way to teach children of the mistakes you have made how to avoid them. That way, your children will learn how to identify what is wrong and avoid it.

Teach Your Children Empathy

By creating different scenarios, you can help your child build empathy by labeling what they feel. In similar vein, give your children scenarios and ask them what they would do. This helps put themselves in that situation and to navigate how they might feel. Categorically, you can point out if they are right or wrong and suggest what the best approach in such situations can be. 

Create a Space for Open Conversation

Talk to children about your feelings, thoughts, and opinions. Allow them to create their own thoughts and opinion. This way, children learn that people have different opinions and feelings about the same issue and that there is nothing wrong about it. This also gives them a difference in perspective allowing them to shape their own thoughts towards the right track.

Talk About Feelings

Taking a step further from the above tip, allow children to process their feelings. Begin with helping them identify and understand what they are feeling, and why. Let them know when it comes to feelings, there is no right and wrong always. Hence, they need to learn to contextually pair their feelings with facts to make the right decisions in life. Above all, stay patient and calm, for children need all the support they can get while learning to identify who they are.

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