Tips: Teaching Toddlers Essential Basic Life Skills

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Teaching your toddlers essential life skills, depending on their age, will ensure they are independent, feel empowered, and increase their self-esteem. It also allows them to properly express themselves, be themselves, and socialize. Moreover, in our ever-growing modern world, children learn to use smartphones and technology better than we adults can. This can overshadow the cultivation of new skills essential for holistic development. One such study conducted with families shows that about 58% of children below the age of 5 could use smartphones while less than 15% could make their own breakfast. In light of this, we focus on essential life skills to teach your toddlers and children.

Previously we spoke about the importance of creating a daily routine for children. This perfectly ties with creating new habits and teaching children new skills. While the routine in itself may not impart a new skill but by breaking down a routine into smaller tasks, you can instill new life skills in your child, so they are ready to take on the world without fear.

Essential Life Tips for Children

Starting from the basics like keeping their toys away in order or learning to dress themselves, children need to learn new life skills as they grow. Here is a list of skills you could begin with for your child:

  • Staying hygiene: Teach children, right from the age of two, to brush, wash face, and clean up every morning after waking up. Once they are able to do this themselves without your prompt or guidance, teach them to shower daily and maintain their oral hygiene even at night before bed.
  • Keeping the surroundings clean: Begin with teaching your children to keep their toys back from where they took it. More often than not, children tend to leave their toys as it is, the middle of a room and forget about it there. When left unaddressed, this habit can spill on to keeping their environment messy as they grow up. To avoid this, make children pick up their toys and keep it aside once they are done playing with it. As the next step, ask them to keep their clothes away - clean clothes in the wardrobe and dirty clothes in the washer.
  • Cultivating good eating habits: Once your toddler learns to eat by themselves, teach them to clean up their plate after them. This can start by just putting their plates in the sink or the dishwasher, as opposed to letting it sit on the table. You can also teach children to help you set up the table. This can include setting up the plates, spoons, etc., that are not too heavy carry.
  • For general safety: If your toddler can read names and numbers, this is the right time to make them memorize their full name, your full name, along with house address and your phone numbers. Ensuring your children know these details is crucial in the event they get lost, and it is generally recommended for them to know emergency details.

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