Top 5 Reasons to Consider the Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby

Babies are a joy to behold. As parents, we want the very best for our babies, including their onesies. The best baby clothing comes down to the choice of material. Organic cotton has quickly gained popularity as the material of choice for baby clothes. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton does not contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Babies have  sensitive skin and so the presence of harmful chemicals is a safety concern.  But this is not the only reason why organic cotton is best suited for your baby’s clothes. Below, we share some other benefits of organic cotton.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Clothes Over Non-Organic

In the course of a day, a baby will have come into contact with different fabrics. Given that babies have sensitive skin, it is important to ensure that the material doesn’t include harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Cotton fabrics are made from several natural fibres that are used in the manufacture of organic clothing. The other non synthetic materials are flannel and wool. So, there should be no insecticides or harmful chemicals in the growing process of cotton and the manufacturing process too. So, are organic baby clothes worth purchasing. Below are some of the main benefits of organic cotton material.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider the Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby

Organic Cotton is Eco-friendly

Babies have a sensitive skin and presence of harmful chemicals would pose a danger to their health. Organic cotton has no pesticide residues, making it an ideal material for the manufacture of baby clothing. Organic cotton production entails beneficial farming practices like mechanical weeding and crop rotation. There is no application of fungicides and herbicides. It takes less water to produce organic cotton than conventional cotton. Such sustainable farming practices make organic cotton more eco-friendly.

Organic Cotton is Non-hypoallergenic

Babies have more porous skin than adults. Organic cotton undergoes rigorous processing and inspection. The aim is to eliminate any harmful chemicals.  Organic cotton has soft and breathable features ideal for the protection of your baby’s skin. It is hence ideal for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing is Durable

Cotton is strong enough to withstand frequent washing by machine or hand. The strong cotton fiber does not disintegrate with each subsequent washing or become too shabby. Organic cotton clothes can last five times more than conventional cotton without breaking down. While the upfront cost for organic cotton baby wear is high, you get the maximum value from such a purchase through increased durability. Buying cotton bay clothing is thus a worthwhile investment. 

Organic Cotton is Better for Your Baby’s Skin

Since organic cotton is friendly to the skin, it means your baby feels more comfortable wearing such clothes. Organic cotton maintains a healthy body temperature, irrespective of the prevailing climate. It can also ventilate cold air while also absorbing moisture. Your baby can neither feel too hot nor sweat as the material aids in air circulation. These unique properties make organic cotton suitable for all seasons. That means you do not have to buy new baby clothes every season.

Final Verdict on the Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

As a parent, you may have a hard time deciding on the best clothes for your baby. Some of the considerations include safety, comfort, and environmental impact. Other factors worthy of consideration are price and washing benefits. It would be a good idea therefore, to explore various options for the best deals for your baby. At Tiny Tycoons, we offer a one-stop shop for the best quality organic clothes for your baby.

It comes as no surprise that cotton is the most popular and sought after amongst all fabrics across the globe. However, as we shift towards more sustainable solutions, the preference for organic cotton is on the rise. So much so, cotton has been in existence from as early as civilizations in Ancient Egypt and continues to be a people favorite even today. Organic cotton is used in pretty much all forms of textile/clothes/accessories across the globe.

In light of this, we discuss the importance of organic cotton in children’s clothing in this article. A good measure of children’s clothes is based on the level of comfort, quality, and safety. Organic cotton ranks high in all three categories. Moreover, organic cotton clothes can be stylish while also ensuring the utmost comfort and flexibility. As a result, just like for adults, organic cotton as a fabric promises great benefits when used in clothes for children as well. The fabric also boasts of a great number of benefits when used in children’s clothing, making it the ideal fabric.

To Sum Up The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes:

  • Organic cotton is amongst the most durable fabrics, wrinkle-free and requires less tedious care when it comes to children’s clothes.
  • Organic cotton clothing can last long despite multiple wear and tear.
  • The naturally occurring fabric is also bio-degradable and a renewable source. As a result, organic cotton uses fewer chemicals when compared to synthetic fabric. A piece of great go-to fabric for the child and the environment.
  • Moreover, organic cotton clothing is required to comply with strict standards ensuring safety and minimize the impact on the environment. Unlike plain cotton, which consumes a lot of water and is also mixed with chemicals, organic cotton is pure as it grows in the cotton seeds.
  • When compared to other fabrics, organic cotton is relatively softer and hence, easier on children’s soft skin. With this, kids can move more freely and the risk of skin injuries is reduced.
  • Another great quality - organic cotton fibers are hypoallergenic. This is ideal for kids with allergies or skin irritations, as it minimizes these effects.
  • The fabric is also very absorbent, soft and breathable. Organic cotton can transfer moisture away from the skin at a higher rate when compared to synthetic fabrics. This is great during summers as children sweat. Better levels of aeration also ensure that the child is dry, cool and comfortable.
  • Given the number of changes of clothes required for toddlers, organic cotton is also much easier to wash. A toddler’s clothes can prove to be quite messy and stained. A simple spin in the washing machine should do the job. Unless mentioned by the label, dry-cleaning is not required.
  • An all-weather fabric. The fabric stands good through any type of climate.
  • Organic cotton is also odor-free. Since the fabric doesn’t hold on to sweat, odor buildup ceases.

A majority of clothes both for adults and kids alike are made of plain cotton. In order to do our part for the environment and to keep our children safe and healthy, we recommend buying organic cotton clothing. While many young parents do find organic cotton options for their kids, the choice in styles is limited. Children’s clothing holds an unenviable tag of not being fashionable or stylish.

Well, not anymore...

We at Tiny Tycoon aim to redefine kids’ fashion as we now know it. Based in Montreal, we focus exclusively on kids outfits and have perfectly blended fashion with quality, style, and comfort. As young parents ourselves, we better understand the needs of contemporary parents. Outfits at Tiny Tycoon are made from the best quality (certified) organic cotton which promises the above-mentioned benefits and more. Watch this space to know more about our launch and exiting offers.

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