Top Apps, Games, and Videos to Engage with Kids in Quarantine

The global pandemic has forced us to stay within the confines of our homes. While as adults, we are busy with work and managing domestic chores, children often feel they have a lot of time in hand. Especially since the world over children have shifted to online classes from home, and are forced to stay away from groups, they may need innovative ways to stay engaged and occupied. In light of this, we recommended a few apps, games, and videos for kids.

Top Apps, Games, and Videos to Engage with Kids in Quarantine

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Developed by the UN Food Programme, Freerice is an online educational game that can boost your kid’s vocabulary. And every time, the answer is right, the app plays an advertisement which in turn pays the World Food Programme. According to the UNFP, about 93% of the funds generated through these advertisements feed many families and children across the world directly. Above all, the app now has a new category for Coronavirus. Through this, your children can learn the basics of the virus while engaging in a mindful game.


For some active fun and games, GoNoodle has the perfect solutions. Filled with engaging games that require children to move, dance, do yoga and meditate, the app helps children put their mind and body to use. Curated by child experts, they have high-quality content designed to tire out kids by actively making them move. This game is available on iOS and Android for free.

Pet Bingo

Tailor-made for elementary children, Pet Bingo puts your child’s understanding of arithmetic to test. An educational video game that allows kids to raise virtual pets by solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems; Pet Bingo makes learning math fun. Additionally, the app also generates a report card for parents and teachers to track the progress. This app is also available on iOS and Android for free.

Khans Academy Kids

Yet another free, educational resource, for kids that is designed to make learning fun. Created for children between the age of two to seven, the games and curriculum of the program focus on narrow-skills like math, problem-solving, language, and social-emotional learning. Currently, only available on Apple Store, the Khan Academy has robust resources for teachers and parents for online teaching.


Although not designed for kids, Duolingo is a fun way to learn new languages. It is a known fact that children can pick up new languages much easier than adults. Therefore, taking advantage of the downtime at home during the lockdown, you can help your child pick up popular foreign languages. The best part about this app, its free across all devices.


This app converts real-life goals into a game to motivate habit-building and productivity through rewards and punishments on the game. Be it health and fitness, school work, or any other real-life tasks, by converting it into a goal in the game, your child can learn to pick up new skills and habits for holistic development. Habitica is available for download on Apple Store and Play Store.

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