Top Three Family Board Games to Play with Children in Lockdown

Stuck at home for quarantine? Wondering how to kill time with your family? We have you covered!

Top Three Family Board Games to Play with Children in Lockdown

Bring your family together for a night (or day) filled with fun, learning, and joy. As board games gain considerable popularity midst of the lockdown, we list some of the best family board games to play with your children, so they can learn, engage, think, strategize, and have fun at the same time. When we think of board games, our mind usually goes to Monopoly, Life, or even Scrabble. However, there are many others that are equally interesting, consuming, and requires critical thinking to win.

We have previously covered the importance of playtime for children as it boosts their emotional, physical, creative, social, cognitive, and communication skills. The board games we list here can contribute to these developmental aspects, thereby making your time in quarantine filled with productivity that is also fun!

In no particular order, some of our best picks for best family board games are --


For children above the age of ten onwards, Catan is one of the best board games to play with your family. The idea is to battle each other, where a maximum of four to six members can play, collect resources, and build settlements on the island of Catan. This game comes with multiple rules that require you to think creatively and strategically to sabotage others in order to win. The level of strategic thinking will definitely aid in creative development in your children. You can find Catan on Amazon. You can also pick up Catan Junior for children between six and ten. Catan also comes in different special editions based on various pop-culture shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Star Trek, etc. 


Yes, you read that right. Initially released in 2008, this game has now gained popularity as it requires players to stop the spread of various life-threatening diseases across the world. All players assume a specific role, such as scientists, specialists, etc., that come with different abilities and special strengths. Players move around the world with every turn, sharing the information to treat diseases and prevent or stop the spread. However, popular reviews indicate that the gameplay can be confusing but once you get the hang of it, it can’t get any more addictive. Build critical thinking, team play, and communication skills in your children by hooking them on to this game.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

Good for children above the age of three onwards, Richard Scarry’s Busytown is amongst the top kid’s board games available today. The game comes with a six-foot board where with every turn, the players make their way up to the Picnic Island by spotting hidden objects and solving mysteries. The mystery-solving requires all players to work together that can ensure communication, social and creative development in your children. Developed by Wonder Forge, Eye Found It games come in Disney and other popular cartoon editions as well (Eg: Madagascar, Frozen, etc.).

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