About Us - Tiny Tycoon

The Tiny Tycoon story began as a realization - kids' fashion are often limited to functionality or style, but seldom to both.

The brainchild of young parents based in Canada, Tiny Tycoon intends to widen the options for kids' fashion. Our design and purpose draw inspiration from in vogue adult streetwear and sustainable fashion, but tailor-made for kids. Looking to rewrite the story in kids' fashion, we believe customers shouldn’t have to choose between comfort, quality or fashion. Our goal is for kids to look great, and at the same time be comfortable and free to move without feeling restricted by their clothes.

Tiny Tycoon is more than a clothing brand, it is a concept developed to help instill confidence within all of your children. We want each child to feel empowered. Our goal is to allow children to gain self-assurance through our unique threads. This brand is designed with every child in mind. We dream of helping each individual who wears our clothes to reach for the sky and shine like the stars.

And finally, a huge shout out to our very own little Chief Tycoon - Ryder Mace.

To know more about Tiny Tycoon, visit our FAQs page.

Tiny Tycoon - Ryder Mace Organic Essential Camo with Lambo